The Location

The State of Meghalaya is situated in the north eastern region of India next to Assam and shares borders with Bangladesh. The name Meghalaya is derived from the Hindi language which literally means “The Abode of Clouds”.

The entire state is blessed by mother nature with abundant rainfall, crystal clear streams of rivers, amazing waterfall and overall pleasant weather and other spectacular views.

The People

Nature is not the only plus points when it comes to this state. The indigenous people of the region consists mainly of three tribes, The Khasi Tribe, The Garo Tribe and The Jaintia Tribe with their own unique culture. The most prominent being the extremely hospitable nature of the people which drives visitors from all around to visit the state without feeling out of place.

The Food

Mouth watering cuisines from all around are the best qualities of Meghalaya. As a traveller, you can find cuisines from various parts of the world right here. With so many options to choose from such as Fast Food, Bakeries, Restaurants, Local Food Stalls and Dhabas, you can never get bored with the variety of choices you have.