The Location

The name Arunachal Pradesh literally translates to “land of dawn-lit mountains” is a state in North East India. It borders the states of Assam and Nagaland to the south and shares its borders with Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

The state is also known as the Orchid State of India or the Paradise of the Botanists.

The villages of Dong (accessible by car, which has a tourists favorite lookout spot) and Vijaynagar (on the edge of Myanmar) receives the first sunlight in all of India.

The People

Arunachal Pradesh has some of the most friendliest people you can meet. It is an ethnically diverse state, with predominantly Monpa people in the west, Tani people in the center, Tai people in the east, and Naga people in the south of the state. 


Traditional Singpho attire
Photo Credits: Ah Seng

The Food

In terms of cuisines, Arunachal Pradesh will not disappoint you with its spicy variety of choices that differs from tribe to tribe. 

People on the eastern parts prefer dishes made from bamboo and other leafy vegetables which are mostly boiled or smoked. While the tribes closer to Tibet, use more dairy products in their day to day livelihood. The city dwellers are more dependent on normal products obtained in the market. 

The various local foods that you can try are Pika Pila, Lukter and Marua.