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Nagaland offers unending exploration possibilities from heritage villages to wildlife sanctuaries. Beautifully nestled amidst the lush and verdant sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate, Nagaland treasures an overabundance of wild flora and fauna and even some medicinal plants. It is a beautiful destination in India and it stores some popular places to visit. You can soak in the freshness of fine scent in the air, the calming yet buzzing sound of wild cicadas and beautiful rolling ranch lands and white fluffy clouds hovering above.

This must visit destination  is a wonderful world full of beauty, appeal and adventure that calls tourists from far and near. As for some, the only drawback is the accessibility which is an important factor and perhaps the only reason why this seems to be a dream-like destination. But truth be told, the roads are quite convenient, from smoothly linked highways via Assam and West Bengal, Nagaland, in fact, the entire Northeast in easily accessible. Travellers venture into the Naga Hills to experience tours with exquisiteness and to have unforgettable memories of the landscape, people, food, and culture. Even the rich deep forest looks blue because of the reflection of the bright sky with meandering clouds hovering around.
Nature could not have been any sweeter to Nagaland for endowing it with everything beautiful and awe-inspiring.

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